Through Melano streets with a silent guide

With this itinerary through sacred, civil and industrial architecture, we want the artefacts to come back to us and talk of the history of this community alongside the Ceresio lake, characterized by the great mobility of its workers who have exported and imported culture and technical-construction skills, of which Melano still retains some significant traces of the building fabric.


Looking back to previous times is perhaps a good way to get back to living with our past – a past that we are often unable to contemplate, crushed as we are by the present.


The project aims not only to enhance, but also to stimulate reflection on the local historical and cultural heritage, often misunderstood by the inhabitants themselves because paradoxically it is too well known.


The suggested itinerary can easily be completed following the references noted on the map and, for those who want it, with the relevant historical-artistic and socio-economic analyses contained in the monograph published by the Municipality in 2017, which allows to better understand the signs, itineraries and destinies of Melano, as suggested by the title of the publication.

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